13 easy decoration tips

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Our homes are not defined by a single piece of furniture, but the entire feel we build form our collections. Selecting the right colours and materials, heights and depths, is all important when creating that breathtaking first impression when entering your house. Here are some top tips from some interior design experts we lean on when seeking inspiration.

1. Choose The Right Curtain Length

“For classic side panels, you really have to go all the way to the floor. If you’re looking at ready-made drapes, make sure that they touch the floor, even if you have to buy the next size up and have them hemmed.”Scot Meacham Wood

2. Warm Up A Room With Mirrors

Mirrored panels like the ones lining this alcove can be elegant — but don’t just slap them up, designer Jan Showers warns. Large sheets of mirror will look commercial, so try a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style instead.

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3. Swap Chairs For Benches

You automatically feel more friendly when you’re sharing a seat. It could quickly become corporate if you were looking at a room full of chairs.

4. Don’t Stop Editing

“The least expensive action: edit, edit, edit!”—Katie Sutton

5. Collect Unique Pieces

“The strange bust from the flea market, the weird painting you are drawn to: Buy them all. Curate a space that is truly one of a kind.”—Stephanie Sabbe

6. Try Using Black

“Black works with any style. The misconception is that dark colours make spaces feel smaller; they actually recede.”—Carrie Fundings Land

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7. Switch Out Pieces That Take Up The Most Surface Area

“When clients want a quick, impactful update, I recommend the pieces that take up the most surface area, like rugs, paint colour, or window treatments.”—Tina Ramchandani

8. Invest In Upholstery

“My clients ask about the most important pieces to invest in: I believe in upholstery and art! They help anchor a room.”—Ashley Darryl

9. Don’t Underestimate The Coffee Table

“In an open seating plan, always use a well-proportioned statement coffee table to ground the arrangement and give it a sense of place.”—Sean Michael

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10. Get Inspired By Ancient Buildings

“Pull floor patterns from ancient buildings. One inspired the checkerboard pattern of the marble floors in my Los Angeles home.”—Nate Berkus

11. Add A Bar

“Every house should have a great bar. It is the central point of a party, and if you entertain a lot, it will be celebrated, so put some thought into it.”—Jordana Joseph

12. Upgrade Your Light Switches

“Update your light switches! Elegant controls add a spectacular element to an older home or character to a new one.” —Courtney Hill

13. Mix Old And New Decor

“Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires.”—Caleb Anderson

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