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13 top interior design tips

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It’s easy to see a piece of furniture and drool over the idea of making your interior space look like our photos. Of course, we use professional photographers to make our products glisten! Here’s some quick and simple tips from some online experts that you can implement to help achieve that beautiful showroom feel.

1. Choose The Right Bulbs

“Choosing the right light bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great.”—Paloma Contreras

2. Trust Your Intuition

“Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don’t.”—Olivia Erwin

3. White Kitchens Are Forever

“Classics never go out of style. I hesitated about doing a white kitchen in my own house, thinking I’d been there, done that. But I’m so glad I did. I will never tire of it.”—Alexandra Kaehler

4. Collect Art From An Early Age

“Art, art, art! Start young and buy the best you can afford. Its ability to transform a room is unlike any other design tool.”—Jean Liu

5. Make Ceilings Look Higher With Tall Furniture

“Use tall pieces in a low-height room. Short furnishings would make the ceiling feel that much lower to the ground.” —Jason Oliver Nixon

6. Create Your Own Light

“When you’re given a dark space that doesn’t have great light, create your own light. In this kitchen, we used Sherwin-​Williams’s sunny Ener­getic Orange, and it turned out just fabulous— so cheerful.”—Matthew Boland

7. Reflect Your Personality In The Bedrooms

“In the master suite, decor can deviate from the common areas and really reflect your personality.”—Ali Vanderpool and Ariana Villalta

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8. Mix Your Metals

“Embrace mixed metals. It can feel like the fixtures are curated and bespoke.”—Shelley Johnstone

9. Make The Most Of Natural Light

“There’s no substitute for natural light. Create opportunities to let the sun shine in—the bigger the windows, the better!”—Catherine Kwong

10. Put Investment Pieces Up Front

“Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room, like the bathroom.”—Bunny Williams

11. Add Texture

Neutral decor can be interesting — just include a variety of materials. “I used a range—from fine-gauge and open-weave linen, to raw silk and taffeta, to cotton velvet and distressed velvet,” says California-based designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano. “Not only that, there’s also the contrast of matte sheens that absorb the light, and lustrous sheens that reflect it.”

12. Don’t Skimp On The Sofa

“Put your money into a comfortable, well-made sofa that you’ll have forever. You don’t have to deny yourself that expensive designer fabric you love—just put it on something small, like a pillow.”—Krista Ewart

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13. Pile On Pillows

“I don’t do dinky accents…small pillows look like something that came with the furniture.”John De Bastiani

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