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13 ways to improve your home ambience

By April 16, 2019 3 Comments

Do you ever step foot into somebody else’s house and think “wow, this feels luxurious”? We do. The hard part is not focussing on which features of their house you’d like, but noticing how they’ve built that feeling with small touches that all add up. We’ve scoured the web to find some top tips from experienced interior designers and decorators to help you create that luxury designer feeling in your home.

1. Try A High-Contrast Palette

“I’m really into saturated colour with white to balance it out so it doesn’t feel overwhelming,”—Joanna Gaines

2. Use The 50/150 Rule

For the perfect colour family, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker. “That’s a fail­safe method for striping a wall. It’s also a very architectural way of using colour.”—Mary Douglas Drysdale

3. Play With Textiles

“Straw, jute, rush — natural materials and neutral tones are always chic. They’re the white T-shirt of interior design.”Meg Braff

4. Use Wallpaper To Start A Conversation

“It’s a bit of an investment, and you can’t take it with you when you leave, but nothing brings va va voom like vibrant wallpaper in a conversation-topic pattern.” —Emilie Munroe

5. Indulge A Bit

“I indulged in a silk carpet and realised it’s better to live beautifully than in fear. Natural-fiber carpets are incredibly easy to clean!”—Bennett Leifer

6. Amp Up Your Ceiling Game

“Faux paint, lush lacquer, or wallpaper on a ceiling will garner that ‘Wow’ response.” —Leslie May

7. Know Your Dealbreakers

“Don’t settle. If you have your heart set on a piece, don’t try to find something similar just to save money. Chances are, you’ll never be completely satisfied with the substitute (or its quality).”—Brian Watford

8. Figure Out A Floor Plan

“The most important first step in design is a good floor plan.”—Jessica Helgerson

9. Splurge On A Master Bath

“The splurge everyone should make is a fabulous master bathroom. I used hand-painted porcelain sinks in mine.”—Todd Richesin

10. Live In Your Pretty Spaces

“Actually use your beautiful things! I have a chocolate lab and white furniture in my living room. It took some training, but now he knows the furniture is off limits.”—Lindsey Lane

11. Use The Ceiling To Redefine The Room

“Look up! We use ceilings a lot. Through them, we define the lines and beauty of a space.”—Julio Salcedo

12. Try Out Wicker

“Wicker is an element I love for its texture and versatility. Wicker baskets are so functional for storage, but a wicker animal brings a sense of whimsy.” —Amy Berry

13. Don’t Be Afraid To DIY

“If punk rock has taught me anything, it’s to do everything yourself. All of my favorite interior designers were self-taught.”—Max Humphrey


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